Love is Love

As a Christian, my heart breaks for this woman, and yes I say woman.
I told myself I would not talk about this, but after watching this video, I feel like silence is another punch to the face of the women and men who have to endure this everyday.

There are no words created by man to describe the hate filled in people’s hearts over this ‘issue’.
I found myself at a crossroad.
Am I any less of a Christian because I believe in equal rights for the gay community and support the transgender community?
I am a firm believer in Gods love for me as his child, and I love him with my entire being and soul, but this is something that I can no longer ignore.

On a human level, I feel my existence was designed to love people from all walks of life. Every time I read about a gay person committing suicide because they were bullied I feel a piece of me dying with them. Every time I watch a video of a WOMAN being punched in the face and the ‘man’ responsible for the violence says, “Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve”, I feel my jaw shatter with hers.
I feel these “Christians” are not Christians if they cannot show love and compassion. These people are humans just like you and I. Why must we hate things that we can never hope to understand.
I’m not saying that I am a better Christian than anyone else because I am far from perfect.
But as a Christian is it not our responsibility to love? Is it not our right to love all people from all walks of life?

Now, I understand that their are Christians reading this and thinking, “Well it says in the Bible..” and yes, you’re right. There are passages in the Bible that state things about being gay and transgender. But show me a passage that says to bully, mock and hurt them? Show me a passage that says, we’re not to show love, compassion and maybe even a little understanding. It is so hard for me to understand what can drive a human being to show so much hate and contempt towards another human being.
I cannot for the life of me understand why people feel the need to hurt these people with the Bible and yet their own lives are filled with sin too. Until you can honestly say that your life has not seen sin, you have no right to speak out against these beautiful people.
I cannot hate or speak against something that I will never understand, and I never will. I am blessed to know amazing people who are gay and some who are transgender and these people are some of the most beautiful and loving human beings my soul has ever had the honour of meeting.

As a Christian my responsibility is to love people no matter what their colour, size, age or past and no matter what their sexual orientation is. I will love these people and I will continue to pray that they don’t have to deal with ignorant humans who feel the need to hate rather than love and understand.

To all my gay brothers and sisters and to all my transgender brothers and sisters who have seen nothing but hate from other Christians, you are beautiful and you are loved by this Christian.

Love and Peace.



  1. Neptune Nopele · June 16, 2015

    love this 💕 thanks for sharing

    Liked by 1 person

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